4 May 2015

*Kitty Carousel Review*

I recently purchased an Angelic Pretty bag from Kitty Carousel, who also sells other Lolita items and brands. 
I thought I'd do a review because I couldn't find any for this store when I originally debating my purchase.

This store doesn't have an option to have items shipped to Australia so you do have to message the store if you would like to purchase anything and receive a quote for shipping. I was offered two different shipping options one with insurance and tracking and the other without. I choose the first option just to be on the safe side, of course this will cost more then going without tracking or insurance.

Everything arrived quickly and was packed in a box with both items wrapped in separate plastic bags.  Kitty Carousels business card was also included. 
I would've purchased more if I had more money at the time.

The first item is this chocomint hair clip, which I see everywhere. Perfect condition and I really love the style.
I hope you don't mind but I had to put a star-y filter on this photo.

And the second and most awesome purchase is this Chocolate bag, I am in love.

It arrived in excellent condition the only notice wear was on the ribbon zipper handle and the front Angelic Pretty chocolate plate. There is absolutely no wear on the studes at the bottom of the bag.

Overall I had a great experience and will purchase from Kitty Carousel again. I do think the bag was a bit more expensive then it should have been but hey I still bought it anyway. 

If you have questions or If you think I missed out some details in this post. Please let me know.

Bye for now!
XO Elevenori


  1. thanks for reviewing, i couldn't find any other reviews either. Love the AP bag!!!

  2. thanks for reviewing, i couldn't find any other reviews either. Love the AP bag!!!

  3. Thank you! :) You should also check out http://www.lolitadesu.com/.
    I also did a review for that store you can find it here: http://elevenori.blogspot.com.au/2015/08/lolita-desu-review.html